July 2006 Welcome Interview

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Pierce Freelon

Welcome to Blackademics.org

This is the premier blog page for young black thinkers, to… well, to talk, to dialogue, network and challenge each other. I’m all about challenging my peers, so this is our roundtable where we can just put it all out there.

Anyway, my name’s Pierce, I’m the founder of Blackademics. Read all the bios of all our contributors, everybody on here is extremely opinionated and intelligent. We’re young, we’re black and academics, hence the name- and we’re trying to start a movement.

Every month we will have interviews-I’m talking dope interviews. I got a interview with Herbie Hancock, I got John Hope Franklin on the line, Molefi is doing a joint with Maya Angelou in a few weeks. Eventually we want to do scholarships, for young black scholars, release an annual mixed tape. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Most important is the dialogue. So please, please. Read, post, and don’t hold anything back.

So I guess that’s it, Welcome to Blackademics.


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