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Can Capcom Make A Video Game Where A White Dude Murders A Bunch Of Black People And Get Away With It?

Published on 11 Mar 2009 at 2:39 am. 14 Comments.
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Take a look at this brother… with his budging eyes and twisted mouth, he is the very personification of Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit. He is the new villain in Resident Evil 5 – the 7th installment of Capcom’s wildly successful zombie franchise. The game drops in stores nationally this Friday. For those of you who […]

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Lil Wayne Leads All Artists of Any Category in Grammy Nominations

Published on 8 Dec 2008 at 4:48 pm. 7 Comments.
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“Welcome back Hip-Hop, I saved your life,” Wayne triumphantly announced at the end of his song “Dr. Carter” from his multi-platinum album Tha Carter III. The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” garnered 8 Grammy nominations this year, including Best Rap Song for “Lollipop,” Best Rap Solo Performance for “A Milli,” Best Rap Performance by Duo for […]

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Killing the Messenger: Chris Rock’s Political Content Silenced

Published on 3 Oct 2008 at 1:24 pm. 3 Comments.
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On September 27th, Chris Rock’s new comedy special entitled Kill the Messenger aired exclusively on HBO. This was his 6th HBO special, but the first one where I’ve felt like the outspoken Rock was holding his tongue. I suppose I was misled by the interview he held with Larry King a few days prior to […]

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MC Ed McMahon

Published on 26 Sep 2008 at 12:52 am. 2 Comments.
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While we’re on the topic of rap music (see the last post) I wanted to bring a new track to everyone’s attention. It’s not who you might think – we’re not talking about the new Young Jeezy, here. This song, which was produced by the website Free Credit Report (dot com) features retired television host, […]

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Is Hip Hop Mentally Challenged Music?

Published on 19 Sep 2008 at 12:18 am. 3 Comments.
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The Reign of Retarded Rap by Min. Paul Scott Over the last two years, Black America has been discussed by the mainstream media perhaps more times than in recent history. Between Don Imus, the Jena 6 and the presidential election, for a moment, it began to seem that black folks were, at least, beginning to […]

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Terrence Howard, It’s Not So Hard Out There For Pimp Afterall

Published on 13 Sep 2008 at 12:55 am. 1 Comment.
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The entertainment industry has a long history of placing stars of a particular background into unfamiliar territory. The assumption is simple: if you can make money rapping or singing, then you (in theory) should be able to sell tickets at the box office – and vice versa. However, as we all know, just because you […]

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Isaac Hayes, Rest in Peace

Published on 10 Aug 2008 at 11:19 pm. 2 Comments.
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Isaac Hayes was a groundbreaking soul musician who exploded onto the charts 1971, when his original theme from the popular film Shaft topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and won an Academy Award for best original theme song. The song and the movie score also won Grammy awards for best original score and […]

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Bernie Mac, Rest in Peace

Published on 9 Aug 2008 at 11:57 pm. No Comments.
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Comedic genius Bernie Mac passed away today at age 50. He was recently hospitalized and treated for pneumonia but he also suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body’s organs. Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on October 5, 1957, in Chicago, Mac grew up on the city’s South […]

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Nas, Shaq & Weezy: A Review of This Month in Hip-Hop

Published on 25 Jun 2008 at 12:16 am. 6 Comments.
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Lots of Hip-Hop news this month. In no particular order, weigh in on these updates from three Hip-Hop veterans: Nas’ controversial album entitled Nigger was renamed “Untitled” because of creative differences with his record label. Nas dropped The Nigger Mixtape with DJ Green Lantern on June 9th. I’m listening to it right now, it’s pretty […]

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Roc Nation: 150 Million Reasons to Leave Def Jam

Published on 4 Apr 2008 at 2:48 pm. 4 Comments.
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Hip-Hop juggernaut/artist/mogul Jay-Z has stepped down as the President of Def Jam and is on the verge of signing a ridiculous partnership with Live Nation. The 10-year deal, which could include certain publishing and licensing rights, future touring, recordings, and other entrepreneurial ventures, will go down for no less than a whopping $150 million dollars. […]

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