April 2008 Interview: Gamal Nkrumah


Gamal Nkrumah is the eldest son of first President of Ghana, Oseygefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Fathia Nkrumah. He was only six years old when his father was overthrown in the 1966 military coup. Today Nkrumah is an accomplished journalist; working with WEB Dubois’ son David DuBois on resurrecting the Encyclopedia Africana and as an editor of leading a Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram Weekly. I caught up with Nkrumah in the lobby of a hotel in Accra, so please excuse the background music. Blackaedmics, welcome Gamal Nkrumah.

Gamal Nkrumah Interview: Part 1

Gamal Nkrumah Interview: Part 2

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