M23 pulls out of Goma. Phew.

Yesterday I spoke with several of my students from a Congo-based cultural center in Goma called Yole!Africa. I skyped with them during the launch of Yole!Africa USA - the American based non-profit wing of the amazing cultural organization. When we hung up, I had no idea that the M23 rebels were in the process of evacuating the city. This is great news. After 20 years of conflict, I was terrified that the insurgency could potentially lead to more violence. Thank goodness this round ended without further bloodshed. From The Daily Beast:

ec771b7-2.cached.pngCrowds of people in the embattled city of Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, lined the streets like a parade route to witness the departure of the Rwanda-linked M23 rebel group this weekend. Eleven days after the mutineers stormed and then occupied the strategic provincial capital, they withdrew to bases outside the city, though maintained a presence at the airport. As the rebels left, they sang victory songs, brandished weapons and vowed to return “if [Congolese President Joseph] Kabila provokes us.” Read the full spread at The Daily Beast.

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    Полностью согласна!

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