New Progressive Sounds from The Beast

The Beast – Freedom Part 2 from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

On Tuesday The Beast’s new anthem Freedom Part 2 was released to the masses (check us out on I wrote an article about the song, which was published in the News and Observer entitled, When Freedom Disappears. The articles talks about how and why we made a music video for Freedom Part 2, and why the graffiti mural we painted during the video shoot was controversially removed. Check out the article here. And peep the world premier of the video over on Couch Sessions.

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  1. Love Momauwi on 16 Nov 2010 at 11:14 pm: 1

    Wake Up! governments, organizations, politicians are not gonna help us. It is
    up to the black woman to reclaim her nation and crown her kings, Her kings have

    been attacked, they are sick and unable to fight for us. A nation will rise no
    higher than its women! We as black women, life givers, the first teachers of
    all men must unite, regardless off education, religious affiliation and views.

    If not we will die.period. We are at war, we are being poisoned on every level
    of human existence. We must unite together to save our nation by any means!!!!!

    lets connect. email me now!

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