Everybody Hates Chris. Columbus Day Remixed.

Happy Columbus day. A national holiday dedicated to one of the most insidious agents of colonialism, genocide, theft and enslavement. I came across a video beckoning us to reconsider Columbus day and introduce a national Indigenous cultures holiday. Trust me my Indigenous brothers and sisters – black folks have a whole month, yet that doesn’t do much to curtail the institutionalized systems of oppression that plague our poor communities. If anything, it gives people a pass. It makes them feel good about taking a few days to recognize and appreciate a “minority” community, in lieu of actually sweating, bleeding or dying to make them equal citizens.
And for those of you who doubt my interpretation of Chris’ legacy, don’t take my word for it. Read his journal. The Voyage of Christopher Columbus is public record, you can read the whole thing online. This dude makes Bernie Madoff look like Mother Teresa. To quote revolutionary emcee and historian, me: – “burn in hell Christopher Columbus” (from The Beast‘s song, Movement – download here).

Check out the video “Reconsider Christopher Columbus Day” below.

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  1. Olokun Olugbala on 8 Nov 2010 at 2:35 pm: 1

    what is there to say besides WORD!…

    “me not like them colonial regime, nah mean” — damian marley

  2. Love Momauwi on 17 Nov 2010 at 3:25 pm: 2

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