Hip Hop: Black Political and Cultural Crossroads – Free & D. Noble on Urban Progressive Radio Tonight!

Tonight – June 4th @ 9pm, Pierce Freelon and Olokun Shangol Olugbala aka. D. Noble will be guests on Urban Progressive Talk Radio’s broadcast of Our Common Ground with host Janice Graham. You can listen live at: www.ustalknetwork.com and call in: 954-530-2068.

Our Common Ground is alternative, interactive, activist talk radio programming exploring global and community issues, events, thought, ideas and perspectives in and about the African-American community. Read more here.

What’s on deck for discussion? Here’s a quote from Janice’s email blast about tonight’s show:

What began as a voice for social and political dissent giving voice and spirit to a new urban political, social and economic stagnation, has the HIP HOP Movement succumbed to naked materialism and unchecked immorality? Or is Hip Hop evolving into a Movement of real social and political reform? Or, is it just a pseudo consciousness, thinking and approach to make us think it is progressive, better than rap with the same diet of back beat and emptiness?

After the interview, we’ll convene here at Blackademics.org and keep the discussion going! Stay tuned.

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