The Great Debate: Obama vs. McCain Round 1

Tonight, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama exchanged blows over a number of issues including the war in Iraq, beef with neighboring Iran and Russia, as well as the multi-billion dollar federal bailout plan. It got ugly at times, with McCain questioning Obama’s naivety regarding foreign policy, and Obama challenging McCain’s “20th century politics,” which he saw as an extension of the Bush regime. Throughout the debate I felt like Obama was confident, focused and concise – he gave a solid performance. McCain, on the other hand, took a while to warm up. At the beginning of the debate he seemed uncomfortable and his comments lacked depth. It also seemed strange that he refused to address Senator Obama directly, despite frequent requests from the moderator. As the debate moved along he got into more of a zone and gained some of his confidence back, especially in regard to foreign policy issues. Overall, however, I feel like the momentum belongs to Barack Obama. John McCain barely even looked into his opponents eyes – he seemed that intimidated by Obama’s swag.

What are your thoughts on the debate?

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  1. M.B. on 27 Sep 2008 at 3:06 pm: 1

    Many remember how dangerous is once was for a black man to look at a white man and not avert his eyes. McCain could not bring himself to look at Obama. Obama didn’t throw any KO punches, but he did do McCain the courtesy of addressing him and looking at him.

  2. marcus holland on 29 Sep 2008 at 3:16 pm: 2

    Come on Obama! If he doesn’t get the presidency I just hope it isn’t because of the color of his skin.

    I am a white male with a stance just slightly center right but I really think it’s about time a black man was the head of this country.

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