Uganda: U.S. Army Set to Recruit Citizens

Not much to say about this–not much but ‘damn.’


Army attendance at Uganda conference stirs recruiting rumor

The United States Army is not looking for a few good Ugandans.

An Army recruiting spokesman said Wednesday he was working to squelch a potential influx of interested applicants after an African news agency incorrectly reported the U.S. military planned to recruit Ugandan citizens during an Orlando convention.

“I’m relatively certain that there is no one working to get non-citizens (living abroad) to join the U.S. military,” said Douglas Smith, spokesman for the Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox, adding only noncitizens living in the U.S. with a green card are eligible to serve.

Army recruiting officials have discussed plans to attend the Ugandan North American Association 20th Annual Convention starting Aug. 29 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort, Smith said.

Annette Kironde, spokeswoman for the association, said the publicity spurred dozens of e-mails to her organization, most saying they would do whatever it takes to join. “They’re desperate to get out of Uganda,” Kironde said.


“There are a lot of myths and misinformation on this topic,” he said of the U.S. military recruiting foreigners.

Not all Ugandans who heard about the bogus recruiting were interested.

“Ugandans, especially northerners, are too traumatized by 22 years of war that joining the U.S. army would not be therapeutic but rather a psychological trauma on top of trauma,” according to a comment Kironde received that was signed “A concerned Ugandan!”

This is all very confusing…if they are not recruiting then why are they attending the annual conference? And what is this business about cheaper flights…?

Uganda: U.S. Army Set to Recruit Citizens

The Nation (Nairobi)

6 April 2008
Posted to the web 7 April 2008

By Angelo Izama

Ugandans who want a career in the United States military, can sign up at the annual convention of the Uganda North American Association, organisers say.

American military recruiters will set up a booth at this year’s UNAA convention in Orlando, Florida, and seek out professional Ugandans, said Lt. Frank Musisi, himself an officer in the US Army.

Lt. Musisi, who comes from Kalangala District on Lake Victoria, is the current president of UNAA. He said the US military would also advise Ugandans on the “proper channels” to follow in enlisting. The announcement, which is also on the UNAA website (, is set to cause a rush to this year’s convention that takes place from August 29 to September 1.

UNAA is encouraging interested Ugandans to book flights to Orlando and take a shot at joining the US military. The organisation says it has made a deal with Kenya Airways/KLM for a discounted return ticket at $1,200 (Sh74,400). The conference fee is $190 (Sh11,700).

“All registered Kampala travel agents have been authorised to book intending members,” Lt. Musisi said in an email interview.

The tour firm Let’s Go Travel confirmed to Saturday Monitor that UNAA had circulated a notice of the discounts. Applicants are being asked to carry their curriculum vitae (CV) suggesting that the recruitment exercise will be a main attraction at the convention.

Public interest in jobs abroad in Uganda is intense. Recruitment and job placement companies which advertise are often flooded with thousands of applications.

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  1. Pierce on 11 Apr 2008 at 5:10 pm: 1

    Wow. I guess they weren’t able to recruit enough descendants of enslaved Ugandans. They took it strait to the source. What a scary idea.. A militia of African soldiers killing and dying on behalf of the United States. I don’t know who’s more desperate – the United States for outsourcing their military, or the Ugandans who actually end up enlisting at this conference.

  2. Pierce on 11 Apr 2008 at 5:12 pm: 2

    Is there any information on how this relates to the US-African Command? Uganda could be the first of many targets of US military expansion.

  3. Ishmael on 11 Apr 2008 at 6:31 pm: 3

    I wonder if US citizenship is part of the deal?

  4. kameelah on 11 Apr 2008 at 11:25 pm: 4

    all good questions! i will dig up more information soon. the AFRICOM question makes particular sense. and ishmael i think the issue of citizenship is an excellent question. citizenship has been an enrollment bait recently for latinos.

  5. beno on 13 Apr 2008 at 2:29 pm: 5

    thats real scam

  6. BONGOMIN on 23 Apr 2008 at 7:34 am: 6

    ugandans are not desparate to stay in US they are just poor; americans should stop taking chances of our problems.Give us help if you want to,don’t take people to suffer,Africans did that enough during slavery.

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