Democratic primary up for grabs

Following Super Tuesday, Clinton and Obama are deadlocked for the Democratic Primary. Yesterday, Barack Obama won 14 states of the total 22, with Hillary Clinton taking the remaining 8. Here’s how their percentages tallied up.

Arizona . Clinton, 51%; Obama, 42%
Arkansas . Clinton, 69%; Obama, 27%
California . Clinton, 52%; Obama, 42%
Massachusetts . Clinton, 56%; Obama, 41%
New Jersey . Clinton, 54%; Obama, 44%
New York . Clinton, 57%; Obama, 40%
Oklahoma . Clinton, 55%; Obama, 31%
Tennessee . Clinton, 54%; Obama, 41%

Alabama. Obama, 56%; Clinton, 42%
Alaska. Obama, 75%; Clinton, 25%
Colorado . Obama, 67%; Clinton, 32%
Connecticut . Obama, 51%; Clinton, 47%
Delaware . Obama, 53%; Clinton, 43%
Georgia . Obama, 67%; Clinton, 31%
Idaho . Obama, 79%; Clinton, 17%
Illinois . Obama, 65%; Clinton, 33%
Kansas . Obama, 74%; Clinton, 26%
Minnesota . Obama, 67%; Clinton, 32%
Missouri . Obama, 49%; Clinton, 48%
New Mexico . Obama, 49%; Clinton, 48%
North Dakota . Obama, 61%; Clinton, 37%
Utah . Obama, 57%; Clinton, 39%

hillaryThough Obama won more states than his rival, Clinton actually had more popular votes with 5,763,14348 (49% of votes) to Obama’s 5,687,890 (48%). Furthermore, Clinton’s victories were in juggernaught Democratic states like her home state of New York, neighboring New Jersey, Massachusetts and California. What we thought would be a decisive day ended up leaving us waiting until the next big primary to see who the Democratic Nominee is going to be. One thing that is absolutely clear is that Democrats are slaughtering Republicans with voter turnout in these primaries. In many cases, the Democratic second-runner still beats out the Republican first-runner. Hillary and Barack alone have more combined votes than the entire Republican delegation, including Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Julianni and front runner John McCain. This certainly indicates that the American people are ready for a change, but how big of a change? One of two families (Bush and Clinton) have been the reigning political power in this country for the last generation. Will the dynasty continue, or does Obama have an opportunity to make history and bring some fresh new energy into the oval office?

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  1. Ishmael on 6 Feb 2008 at 3:41 pm: 1

    I am glad that Blackademics is “debugged”. The idea of Ms Clinton as president makes my skin crawl. If I was a praying man, my prayers would include the request that Mr. Obama win the Democratic nomination.

  2. Pierce on 6 Feb 2008 at 4:23 pm: 2

    Thankyou Ishmael, for reminding me to make an announcement. I’ll get on that immediately!

  3. david florida on 6 Feb 2008 at 8:32 pm: 3

    If Clinton had lost New York or California then every paper and news channel would be headlining that it was all over for Hilary.

    Obama lost both and lost Florida as well a week ago.
    You have to wonder about the influence of the media

    What is the hidden agenda ?

  4. Ishmael on 6 Feb 2008 at 9:25 pm: 4

    Ms Clinton won the Michigan and Florida primaries but those votes do not count. (See count total above)
    “The Democratic Party had earlier sanctioned Michigan and Florida for leapfrogging ahead of other early voting states in the primary calendar by stripping them of their convention delegates, and each of the major candidates pledged not to campaign in those states.” – Huffington post.
    Ms. Clinton pledged not to campaign in those states but she broke her promise by keeping her name on the ballot in Michigan and making stops in Florida.
    New York is Ms Clintons home state and if she had lost there or California, she would be out of the race.

  5. Pierce on 8 Feb 2008 at 3:34 pm: 5

    The thing that I find strange is all the stories of polling booths having to turn people around because they didn’t have enough staff/supplies. That sounds like conspiracy to me..

  6. Pierce on 8 Feb 2008 at 3:36 pm: 6

    Imagine standing out in the cold, especially in the mid-west, with all those tornadoes swarming around waiting to vote, in the biggest primary in American History, and being turned around. How could this have caught them off guard???

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