Obama wins Iowa: Black History in the Making

world aids dayYesterday, Barak Obama surprised the experts with a convincing victory in the Iowa caucus, winning 38 percent of the Democratic vote, followed by John Edwards at 30 percent, and Hillary Clinton who only managed to reel in 29 percent. This makes Obama the first black candidate to ever win a primary. And it happened in a state which is 95 per cent white and rural – hardly a traditional battleground for Black political candidates. With a whopping two-to-one ratio against the Republican Party, it seems clear that the Democratic party is going to sweep Iowa in the presidential elections (a key swing state for the past two elections). However, winning this caucus does not guarantee that Obama will be the final front-runner for the Democratic Party in November’s presidential elections. He’s got a long way to go and his next battle will be at New Hampshire’s primary, which is coming up this Tuesday.

What makes this victory so incredible is that Obama was all but written out of the primary by political powerhouse, Hillary Clinton. Winning Iowa catapults Obama to the forefront of the Democratic party with vigorous momentum, leaving former first lady Hillary Clinton scrambling to come up with a contingency plan. Furthermore, the youth came out in support of Obama in record numbers. I don’t know if it was his facebook group, Oprah, youtube, or what, but the under-30 crowd was in full effect, supporting his campaign. Another interesting figure was Obama’s margin of victory. He didn’t just win, he pretty much obliterated the competition. And for the first Black person to ever win a primary, this is an extraordinary feat, indeed. Go back and peep last years interview with Jesse Jackson – he was the first person of color ever to come close to winning a primary but now, Obama has sealed the deal. Pay very close attention brothers and sisters, we’re witnessing history!

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