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Every now and again it’s important to give props to local smaller achievements in the African American community as a reminder that we are doing great things. We have to advertise our own successes and support each other. With that said, I was elated to find out about the following small yet substantial achievement. Norfolk State University alumni, Omari Dennis, Phillip Hayes Jr, and Douglas Jones, won second place in the Howard University Skin Challenge. The Norfolk State alumni have created a skin for Windows Media Player that not only plays media but also educates the user about the achievements in innovation and technology within the African American community. The fully functional skin is quite impressive and worth downloading if only to see the ways these young men have incorporated their technological skills with their desire to promote the successes within the African American community.

Like these young men, many other great technologically savvy young people have combined their interests and talents in technology to promote the African American culture. Even if you are not a fan of Windows Media Player, it wouldn’t hurt to look through some of the other years’ winners as well. From promoting the beauty of natural hair and the beauty of Africa to skins inspired by the wonders of hip hop and soca music, all of these skins are impressive. In a nutshell, this is but a small but significant example of young African Americans and in this case the frequently stereotyped African American male doing AWESOME MOTIVATIONAL work. The more these type of examples are promoted, the more our community will strive. Comment at the sister site while we figure out the kinks;).

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