Is Blackademics Under Attack?

Greetings Blackademics family. Unfortunately we have not been able to debug and still cannot receive your comments. As we cannot effectively facilitate discussion we are going to temporarily suspend publishing posts and interviews. As soon as the problem is fixed, I will publish the December 2007 interview with poet, activist and scholar Mari Evans and we’ll be back in business. In the mean time, check out blogs from our contributors and guests: Kameelah Writes, MK Asante, Jr., Bomani Jones and Maya Freelon Asante. This raises an interesting question: could Blackademics be under attack? Maybe all of the revolutionary discussion we engage in here is too much and the government had to shut us down (that must mean we’re doing something right)! Whatever the reason, we will continue to be a positive, intellectual presence online and in the community, despite the technical difficulties. Looking forward to continuing the discussion soon! Peace.

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