The American Story: Through the tale of the African American Woman

According to Rehema Ellis, a correspondent for Nightly News with Brian Williams, her 5 day series will do just that…tell the tale of the African American woman’s success and its significant impact on the AFrican American community as a whole.

The series entitled African American Women: Where They Stand will be a five part series of the areas in which African American women have impacted their community, while simultaneously discussing the issues that remain to be faced in the African American community. The three producers of the series provide a preview of the weeks topics.

The first piece on African American women in education/business aired last night but is, as will all of the series, available for viewing on the MSNBC video archive (search black women and all of the videos thus far will pop up).

 A Brief Synopsis: The piece highlighted the work of African American women in the education and business worlds highlighting that most African American graduates are women. The piece also highlights that majority of the African American community’s 84 billion dollars of wealth is stemming from the female African American population.  The piece also highlights the potential reasoning behind the success of African American women as compared to relative lack thereof among African American men. One such reason being that black men are often given up on at an early age as well as popular culture’s  encouragement of African American males dropping out of school (an image of 50 Cent was strategically placed here).

The other area of discussion included interracial dating among African American women. The reasoning held that as African American women rise academically and professionally it becomes more difficult to find African American men in those social networks. Information presented that 81% of African American women support interracial dating. Examples used were a black woman who particularly sought out a white man on craigslist and the members of the BWWDI (Black Women Who Date Interracially) group, whose founder also created Multimixx, an interracial dating events company.

In Day 1 of the five part series, the story of the African American woman’s buying power, academic success, and growing respect throughout American society is highlighted. Though the comparitive analysis can be appreciated, it provides room for speculation as to what the real outcome for such a series will be. Does the success of the African American woman further support the notion that African American men are failing at an exorbitant rate? 

Im sure we will have an answer of what MSNBC thinks by the end of this week.  

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