Viva la Revolucion

I just listened to a powerful piece Hip-Hop scholarship from Immortal Technique entitled The Poverty of Philosophy. You can find it on YouTube, or just watch the clip at the bottom of this post. In the piece, Immortal Technique eloquently breaks down the elements of neo-liberal capitalism. He really gives it to the establishment, with particular focus on Spanish speaking South American and Carribean countries. immortal_technique.jpgHe raises several salient questions, for example; most “3rd world countries,” “developing nations” or whatever you want to call them are actually quite wealthy. This is not only the case in South America, but Africa as well. How is it that the most abundant countries in the world are also the most poor? He gets to the very root of capitalism, challenging the relationship between classism, racism and exploitation. Are the lives of millions of people of color worth being able to ride around in a Bently? Would most people even have to sacrifice their standard of living to abolish, massive exploitation? I think these questions tie in well with Kameelah’s last post about adoption. I think the next step is to discuss how do we go about initiating change, when all the money and power in the world is invested in maintaining the status quo. I suppose, Immortal Technique’s solution is: Viva la Revolucion. But are people really ready for that? Many people of color are satisfied with share in the spoils of capitalism. Meanwhile, most of the previous generation’s revolutionaries have been imprisoned, impoverished or killed. How do we go about struggling for equality in these tumultuous times?

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Published on November 25, 2007 at 10:50 pm. 5 Comments.
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