Like Meet The Press, But With Better Beats

What’s up y’all; I haven’t posted in a minute, and I’m neck-deep in my graduate studies at this time, but I’ve resurfaced temporarily to help sling some new mind-opening ish courtesy of my brother, the founder of the website you are now reading. As you may or may not know, in between all that community activism, grad school, and interviewing Theo, Pierce somehow finds the time to lay down a few rhymes over a track or two. He’s got a newly released solo album, Undergrad, that apparently narrates his adventures in the North Carolina public university system. I haven’t heard it, but judging by this track (“All We Got”), it’ll be quite hot.

The track is divided into two parts: one in which Pierce castigates the hip-hop establishment for holding up whips, gats, cash, and, ah, women of ill repute as the sole objects of black male desire. As a relatively young black male interested in none of those things, I was glad to hear it. But the last verse of the song goes to NC giant J-Bully (also a prof. of Hip-Hop at Duke University), who brazenly defends the commercial rapocracy against bougie “haters” like my brother. Those of you familiar with my writing on this site (or who read the sentence before last) will know which side of the fence I stand on, but there is something to be said for presenting both sides and allowing the listener to decide for him/herself. So have a listen, and then have a nice and civil discussion in comments about the whole controversy. Because that’s how we roll here at Blackademics: always polite, never disrespectful.

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