Gun Toting: From T.I. to your Highschool English Teacher

tiGrammy Award winning rapper T.I. was arrested last week on federal gun charges. According to news reports, T.I. (whose government name is Clifford Harris), got caught in a sting operation hosted by agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (Boom Boom Boom, open the door: ATF!) With help from his bodygaurd-turned snitch, federal agents arrested T.I. in Atlanta where he was expecting delivery of three machine guns and two silencers. What T.I. needed with three machine guns and two silencers is beyond me. Switching Gears.

gunsOregon high school English teacher Shirley Katz has a concealed-weapons permit. She lives in a state that allows people with permits to carry concealed weapons into public buildings. She wants to bring hers into the classroom. Katz’ main reason for wanting to bring a pistol into school is for protection, both from her Ex-husband, and from a potential “Columbine-style attack”. In light of the recent shooting at Virginia Tech that killed more than 30 people earlier this year, I am not surprised by her extremism. Katz also claims that it is her Constitutional right to bring a 9mm Glock pistol on to school grounds:

This is primarily about my Second Amendment right and Oregon law and the simple fact that I know it is my right to carry that gun (read entire article here).

Here we have two frightening stories that reveal the extent to which violence has permeated American society. The idea that a man with the success, intellect, and experience of T.I. would venture to illegally purchase military firearms is only slightly less disturbing than the idea that my nephew might be in the classroom with a gun-toting English teacher, who is waiting for the next intimidating troublemaker to threaten her. Thoughts? Any NRA-heads out there?

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