National Day of Panhandling for Reparations: Exclusive Interview with Damali Ayo

Damali AyoSeveral months ago, Kameelah posted on the controversial topic of the National Day of Pan-Handling for Reparations. Well, the date is upon us. One week from today, on October 10th, people across the country will be hitting the streets to beg for reparations. This is all part of political artivist Damali Ayo’s “Now Art” initiative, to raise consciousness and take action through performance. Ayo, the author of the award-winning book, How to Rent a Negro is the Oregon-based founder of the National Day of Pan-Handling for Reparations. Offended? Curious? Inspired? Then check out the exclusive Blackademics Interview!

Check out an mp3 of the interview HERE

Read the transcript, here

Also, check out Damali’s thoughts on:
Read a Book! & Bill O’Riely

Digital Activism and Technology

People of Color and the Environment

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