Jena 6 National Day of Action: Take Action, Wear Black!

Jena 6We’ve already written extensively about the Jena 6. Long story short, six young black men in Jena, Louisiana are facing 20+ year prison sentences in a clear case of neo-Jim Crow “justice.” If you need a recap, look back at our posts, 20 Years for a School Yard Brawl? or Subtle racism versus ‘Ima lynch you n*gga’ racism. Today, on September 20th, activists across the country are recognizing Jena 6 National Day of Action. There are buses headed to Louisiana from Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Detroit, New Jersey, Maryland, Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Philadelphia, Virginia and North Carolina. But if you can’t get off work or get out of class, there is something simple you can do, to show solidarity with the Jena 6. Wear Black. It’s a simple gesture, but it could go a long way, to raise consciousness, express solidarity and to stand with a unified front against injustice.

For more info, check out:
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Published on September 20, 2007 at 1:08 am. 33 Comments.
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