Subtle racism versus ‘Ima lynch you n*gga’ racism

I found out about the Jena Six last night– after a night of enjoying waffles and listening to live music at a chicken and waffles joint here at my school. After hearing a summation of several events that happened last year–

Wait – here’s a quick run down: in a town in Louisiana called Jena, there’s a ‘white’ tree where white students gather and do white things. Last year, a black kid asked to sit under the ‘white’ tree [why would any black person want to sit under a ‘white’ tree is beyond me] which resulted with three nooses being attached to the ‘white’ tree the next day. This little ‘prank’ as a Jena administrator called it, inflicted a racial backlash within the small, seemingly racist community.

So, blah blah blah. Racial discrimination, racial prejudices, racial jokes, racial fights yada yada. This all lead to a white student getting into an altercation with a group of black kids, ending with the white kid going to the hospital.

Despite the fact that the kid was able to go to a social event that same day, the six black kids involved now have serious charges, such as second degree murder, according to a BBC article.

—now back to my original point.

There are numerous protests and dedications going on to bring light to the Jena 6 tragedy. In addition, University of Maryland was also graced with a small noose hanging from a tree just a few days ago. *See the story here.

But I often wonder, how do I like my racism: blatant and in your face, with a side of white hooded men burning lower case t’s on my lawn? Or subtle, with a dash of the white people are not acknowledging my existence or opinions in class and an extra helping of no one talks to me at my work place?

I suppose the latter rather than the former.

However, every time another racial incident occurs, why are we shocked? Why are disgusted? Did we not forget that we live in a white dominated country where the darker the skin, the more to hate?

We are not accepted. No– we’re not allowed to sit under the ‘white’ tree. Hell, we were not even supposed to be free from enslavement– it was just convenient for some white dude (*cough* Abraham Lincoln *cough*) to ’emancipate’ us.

So why do we constantly fight for America’s acceptance? Why do we have to constantly fight for America’s approval?

PS: Hi everyone. I’m new here to Blackademics so if the formatting is incorrect– sorry! and if I have terrible misspellings, it is because I can’t find spell check here yet! :-)

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