Ebony Skin, Ivory Tower: Teen Prodigy Makes Ivy League History

Just a quick praise report, as my Grandmother calls them. A young sister by the name of Brittney Exline has recently become the youngest child ever to be accepted into an Ivy League school. Exline, a native of Colorado Springs will be majoring in Political Science and Chemical Engineering at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania this fall at the tender age of 15! This child prodigy entered the 6th grade at 8 years old, and earned a perfect 2400 on her SAT before she was old enough to apply for a driving permit. Class of 2011, watch out, you got some young Black power in your midst!
Far too often when I see Black women in the news, it is in regard to single motherhood, obesity, video vixen status, divorce or some other negative, one-sided element of Black misery (with the occasional Oprah/Condi highlight). This is also the case with Blacks in education. We always hear about deteriorating conditions in our schools, students failing and the drop out rate-all images fueling the hopelessness which seems to characterize mainstream media portrayals of people of color in the United States. Black intellectualism is very rarely glorified in the media. This is precisely why we need have our own spaces, like Blackademics, where we can take agency in regard to how we are portrayed. Brittney Exline’s story is one that I hope we can all take inspiration from and share with our brothers and sisters inside and outside academia. Sorry for that spiel, I just had to put this praise report in it’s appropriate context. It’s important that we maintain a certain consciousness about stories like these, and their glaring absence in mainstream media.

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Published on September 7, 2007 at 2:14 am. 37 Comments.
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