Happy Marcus Garvey Day!!!

For over a decade, people around the world have celebrated Garvey Day a Holiday dedicated to the great intellectual, activist and freedom fighter: Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The celebration started back in 1993, when Terry Brown, in collaboration with the African Culture Restoration Association, gathered 150 supporters to celebrate the life and contributions of Marcus Garvey in Toronto, Canada. Since then, Garvey Day has developed into an international phenomenon. Events are usually scheduled/presented on the weekend closest to Garvey’s birthday, August 17th.
Now in it’s 14th year, on what would have been Garvey’s 120th birthday, let’s take part in this international celebration by engaging in a discussion about this great man. Discussion questions:

1. Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Dubois had beef: intellectually, professionally and personally. Dubois called Garvey “a lunatic or a traitor.” Garvey called Dubois, “purely and simply a white man’s nigger.” These divisions between “conservative” and “radical” Black activists still exists today. How do we negotiate our differences and strive towards mutual goals of freedom?

2. Garvey was criticized for negotiating with the *Ku Klux Klan (KKK). However, his rationalization was simple: Garvey knew that the Klan was in control of Southern government, law enforcement and courthouses-so he only wished to speak openly with the “real” leaders of the south. How or why was this a good/bad idea?

3. Garvey started the “Black Star Line” – a shipping line that was designed elevate the Black community by taking agency in distribution. Where are the Black businesses today?

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