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Facebook: a social utility that connects you with the people around you. It’s like Myspace but with more privacy, versatility and style. If you were anywhere near a college/university campus as of 2004, you probably know all about it. zaza Messages, profiles, networks, pokes and walls. This post addresses “the wall” – an application that Mark Zuckerberg and the facebook staff added back in ’05. Today, a former classmate of mine wrote a message on my wall, concerning my recent intellectual and political activity. I thought it would make for an interesting debate here on Blackademics:

Hey Pierce, blast from the past I know. I just wanted to say that I respect all that you stand for and all that you have accomplished via your music and writing. However, I can’t help but feel a little taken aback by some of your social/racial commentaries. With that said, I just have a couple of questions. 1) do you have something against the caucasians that you were friends with as a youth/causcasians in general, because I frankly feel somewhat alienated by some of your polarizing writing. 2) Speaking of polarizing, is all of this intense activism on behalf of African Americans your way of making up for the fact that you were born priviliged? priviliged meaning born into a family whose income likely falls into the top 1%.

Thanks for your time

“Z” addressed some very interesting points on my wall. He followed up by suggesting that posts such as National Pan-Handling for Reparations Day and the German UNICEF Ads (looks like Kameelah struck a nerve), were more divisive than progressive. What do you think? Is Blackademics a hub for polarization and racial antagonism? Why do people of color get accused of hating white people when they express their world views? Do you have to be broke to suffer from (or have an opinion about) racism?

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