Free Mumia!!! The Philly Appeal

mumToday, thousands are gathering in Philadelphia to support political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal on the day of his oral arguments, despite intimidation tactics including death threats from the Philadelphia Police Department and Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). On what could be the final legal appeal for Mumia, brothers and sisters from around the globe have organized a mass movement to demand justice for this journalist, political activist and Blackademic.

Thursday 17 May is the day Mumia’s appeal against his conviction, on the grounds of racism and judicial bias at his original trial and other hearings, is scheduled to be heard by the US Court of Appeals of the Third Circuit. The prosecution is calling for reinstating his death sentence, which was overturned in 2001. If they succeed, a new execution date could be set. A variety of outcomes are possible, but Mumia is now very close to the end of the appeals process – this could be his last chance to avoid execution. This is why it is so very important to mobilize to demand his immediate freedom! (read more at

Mumia, who turned 53 last month, is one of hundreds of political prisoners held within the United States. He is a brilliant scholar, a father (Abu Jamal) and one of the leading icons in the fights against the death penalty and the prison industrial complex. His essays (numbering in the hundreds) are published digitally for Prison Radio at As a lecturer, I frequently use his essays in class presentations and community workshops. His eloquent and uncompromising demands for justice are a resource and inspiration and to me as a young Blackademic. As young folk, there’s not much we can do financially, but we can raise consciousness, make it out to these protests and support the website. For more information about how to do all of these things, visit

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