Coach Eddie Robinson (1919-2007)

Whether you are the most die-hard of college sports fans, a historian of civil rights, or a pushover for heartwarming stories of character and commitment, the life of Eddie Robinson is a story for you. He is was a simple man who has weaved an intricate influence through American and African-American history. He died yesterday. He was 88.
Aside from his eye-popping 408 victories (first all-time in NCAA history until four years ago) over a 57-year career, he is most known for making black college football a national attraction. As head coach of the Grambling State University football team, he sent more than 200 players to the NFL, several of which have been enshrined in the Hall-Of-Fame. A native son of Louisiana, he transformed the tiny college near the Louisiana-Arkansas border into a brand name synonymous with success in sports; but it was his class, personality and giving nature that made him a legend of the Gulf Coast.

There were many players who have influenced black history through sports; Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis and Bill Russell to name a few. But there can only be one coach, and now he lives on in memory.

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