“I Can,” Engage the Community

One of the main goals of Blackademics.org is to use the internet as a resource to educate people and engage young brothers and sisters in discussion. However, the Black freedom struggle cannot be waged entirely online. The internet lacks a certain intimacy that Black people need to cultivate critical thinkers, activists, intellectuals and a real sense of community. Furthermore, economic disparities and “cyber-segregation” prevents many young people from accessing the internet. With this in mind, I believe it is obligation of all Blackademicians to engage the community personally. In addition to blooging, reading interviews and posting comments on this website, I would challenge you all to go out into your respective communities and initiate roundtable discussions about (for example) the Bicentenial of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, Police Brutality or Homophobia/Patriarchy in the Black Community. These are the types of discussions that we need more of among our youth. In short, to quote the King of Krunk Lil’ Jon, “Don’t (blog) about it, Be about it”. In the spirit of leading by example, I wanted to share some of the community activism going on here in Syracuse. From Feb 8 – April 2, I worked with two fellow graduate students (Griselda Rodriguez and Sundiata Salaam) on a program for the youth here, called Blackademics. Our final project with the kids was to make a music video about what we had learned. Check it out:

This afternoon, we will be screening this video for the kids and thier parents. Afterwards, I will encourage the kids to log-on and share their experiences here on Blackademics (dot org), in the spirit of bridging the gap between the internet community and the real Black community. I would also encourage you all to share any activism that you’ve been involved in, so we can continue to support and affirm one another in our collective struggle to uplift.

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