USAfrican Command: The Breakdown

Two perspectives on Africom (United States Africa Command):
Perspective 1:
The US Africa Command (or Africom) is a military strategy devised by the Pentagon, which places military bases and outposts on African soil. President Bush believes that Africom will “strengthen our (American) security co-operation with Africa,” by providing military training designed to support local governments, helping fight the war on terror and preventing future genocide. Bush is currently consulting African leaders on the location of the command’s base and hopes to have Africom up and running by the end of 2008. (read more)

Perspective 2:
The Africa Command is a desperate attempt of the US to establish military influence in Africa. Under the guise of humanitarianism, the United States is using Africom to protect it’s own interests. For example, the destabilization of the Middle East has left the US reliant on African oil resources. Africom is necessary to protect American oil, as well as to give the west an edge against the ever-increasing Chinese influence. Algeria has already resisted the United States’ offer to set up shop on their soil, and is actively convincing other African countries to do the same. (read more)

So which is it? Algeria demands that Africans “wake up after seeing the scars of others,” and resist American military advances. Africom clearly encroaches upon African autonomy and state sovereignty. However, the US maintains that Africom’s function is to: “oversee security, co-operation, building partnership capability, defense support to non-military missions, and, if directed, military operations”. Africans should be welcoming this kind of relationship with the US. What do you think?

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