UPDATE: Cops Indicted for NY Shooting

The tragic occurrence was brought to the Blackademics Forum in late Nov. (please see The Destruction of the Black Family….By the NYPD ) Last week, news broke that the three of the five police officers involved in shooting the unarmed 23 year old Sean Bell the day of his wedding, would be indicted on Monday on criminal charges for their actions.

Rev. Sharpton, who played a vital role in garnering public awareness of the horrendous event responded with the following statement (from the MSNBC article):

“Since Nov. 25th, we have battled together. Today is a major step in that battle, whether it will be a step forward, time will tell. But one thing that we can say, if you stay together and you fight, you can do what is necessary to protect children,”

Are we finally coming to a place where justice truly is for all and no longer ignores black America? Unfortunately, tragic cases such as this occur with little media attention or updates. What factors allowed this case to regain a prescence in the media? Was it the tragic fact that Sean was murdered on his wedding day that lead to such media attention? Was it the fact that Al Sharpton became involved?

And why does it seem that this update is worthy of international updates (India Times Article). Could it be the fact that a black man shot by NYPD is not far fetched but when the officers are indicted its such an oddity that the world needs to see what happens next. Will justice really be found for a black man?

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