Church vs. Women & Sexuality

I wanted to address an intriguing quetsion from Friday’s Roundtable. For those of you who don’t know, The Roundtable is a monthly gathering of graduate and undergraduate students from upstate New York (mostly from Syracuse University) who meet on the first Friday of each month at a multi-cultural pot-luck dinner/group discussion. It’s much like an in-person version of what we do here digitally at Blackademics, plus fried fish, green beans, corn bread and whatever other foods people decide to bring. There was one question in particular that stimulated a great discussion that I thought I should raise here on Blackademics – particularly in light of our recent discussions about homophobia. Clearly there aren’t enough open discussions in the Black community about spirituality, sexuality, patriarchy and tolerance. I’m thinking, the more we address these issues, the better. Hopfully, it will help us become more diligent in dealing with them as a community. Here’s the question posed at the roundtable:

“How are we as intellectuals, to negotiate and take responsibility for the inherent homophobia and patriarchy that characterizes religious faiths such as Christianity and Islam in particular – faiths in which many of us believe and aspire to remain faithful?”

For the record, not all questions at the Roundtable are this serious. For example, my question was: “if you could have one mutant ability, what would it be and why?” For more infomation about The Roundtable, check out this previous post, where I talk about it in more detail: The Roundtable

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Published on March 4, 2007 at 12:50 pm. 22 Comments.
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