Artrell Dickerson, a victim of police brutality

A young man named Artrell Dickerson was killed by a Detroit police officer this Monday while he was attending a friends funeral. The Dickerson family released a statement describing the incident,

yes“Monday afternoon a crowd of people were gathered outside of Cantrell’s funeral home after the emotional and somewhat disruptive funeral of a young man who was killed February 5th outside a bar on 8 mile in Detroit. The police arrive after having been called to calm the unrest. In the midst of the excitement a young man is killed. He is shot once in the back by a single officer as he runs away from the scene. When he is down he is shot as many as five more times. This young man was Artrell Dickerson. These are the facts.” (read entire “Statement on behalf of Dickerson family” here).

Though there were several eye-witnesses to this blatant case of police brutality, mainstream media has still managed to mislead the public with contradictory details and attempts to villify 18-year old Artrell. In the wake of Artrell and Sean Bell’s murders, we here at Blackademcis want to take a more active role in addressing this human rights abuse called police brutality. Please show your support by sending letters and emails to the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, who will redistribute them to the appropriate political venues (or if live in the Detroit area, please support the protests going on in your city). Our community needs our support.

Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality
Director: Mr. Ron Scott

220 Bagley
Suite 808
Detroit, MI. 48226

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