To Stand Up or to Sell Out? Black Lawmakers Support Clinton Over Obama

News out of South Carolina of state Senators Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson supporting presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton over Barack Obama. Sen. Ford even went so far as to suggest that Obama leading the Democratic ticket would “drag down the rest of the party,” by influencing the white majority of voters to change leadership in the House, Senate, and gubernatorial offices. 

With poll tampering, voter intimidation, and a general distrust of the process from many minorities, should this type of view be considered a much needed dose of reality, or an overly negative view of his chances? Some might argue that this is a viable point, considering that support of a more seasoned politician with ties to the minority community would be more empowering than a legislative novice.

On the other hand, Obama is one of the more recognizable candidates in a number of years, possibly due to his multi-ethnic background, charismatic personality and innovative perspective on a number of issues.

Which side of this issue appears to be more pertinent towards our political progress? Going with a white candidate who appears to be sympathetic to our views, or the black candidate whose nomination might negatively affect the overall minority agenda?

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Published on February 13, 2007 at 8:02 pm. 21 Comments.
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