Ama Ata Aidoo: African Americans Invest in Africa

Happy Black History Month yall! amaFor us here at Blackademics, every month is Black History month, but I thought for February, I would grace yall with an extra bonus (as promised) an additional excerpt from my interview with Ama Ata Aidoo. Here’s a quote from our discussion:

I’d be very surprised if somebody decided soberly and clearly that they would invite African Americans to come, to help with development and commerce (but) that’s the kind of decision we should take. Because it is clear, it is not just sentimental… Even if the decision to invite the African Diaspora to come is based on some kind of enlightened, self-interest like commerce or development, that’s not a bad thing, you see? That’s not a bad thing. Then of course if it was to invite people to come in because they think we owe them, or we owe you some gesture like that, it’s all they better. As far as I’m concerned, none of that is wrong.

Listen to the entire interview here, or go to the the Ama Ata Aidoo interview page and read the transcript.

So based on this discussion, what do yall think? Our capitalist system siphones billions of dollars out of Africa each year (how else do you think we maintain our standard of living here in the United States?) and thanks to IMF and the World Bank, we have mother Africa in a vicious system of what Immortal Technique calls corporate share-cropping (or debt slavery). Is it time to give back? Should African Americans take the initiative? Is our money even long enough to make a difference?

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