Obama, the Islamic Fundamentalist

Let the mud-slinging begin. It wouldn’t be campaign season if there weren’t some dirt out there being smeared all over the names of some of the new presidential candidates. Just yesterday, CNN refuted a report that Senator Barak Obama was educated in a radical Muslim fundamentalist school known as a “madrassa.” This is a clear attempt stir up people’s fears by linking Obama to what is perceived as the most dangerous threat to American liberty. Though the story was “debunked,” the damage had already been done. Obama has a Muslim grandfather, which in this day and age could be worse for one’s political career than having family in the Klan (which, on second thought, probably never hurt anybody’s political career). Further connections with Islam could be a detriment to his popularity.

I suppose politics are dirty and people are going to do grimy things to get over on one another, but what is most confusing about this misinformation is that it seemed to originate from Hillary Clinton’s camp. And as Jay-Z points out in his recent collaboration with Nas, Black Republican:

“now the team got beef between the post and the point, this puts the ring in jeopardy”

In-house beef.. we’ve seen this before: Nas and Jay-Z, Kobe and Shaq, and now Obama and Clinton. In each case, working together allows each party to achieve big things. Working against each other, as Jay-Z states, “puts the ring (or office) in jeopardy.” But there are really two issues at stake here. One involves the demonization of Islam and Muslims, who have replaced the Black man as the scariest thing in the world (to white America). As Blackademics, I believe it is our obligation to stand in solidarity with anyone who has been oppressed, marginalized, profiled or judged in this country as we have. The second issue is really just a question.. correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t slandering Obama counter-productive (even for trifling politicians)? An Islamic Fundamentalist “madrassa!?” I feel like I’m watching the 2004 western conference finals all over again.

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Published on January 25, 2007 at 2:40 am. 26 Comments.
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