Are you ready for a Black President?

Is the United States ready for a Black president? It’s a simple question – a question I’m sure we will revisit in some shape or form again and again here on Blackademics between now and November of 2008. We really may never have an opportunity to find out, Obama first has to win the primaries in order to become the official candidate for the Democratic party. But in light of his recent decision to set up a Presidential committee, I wanted to at least open the discussion.

I remember seeing Obama 2008 stickers as far back as December of 2004, just a month into Bush’s second term. But is it possible? Is it feasible? And what are the implications of the possibility of a Black president? What would that say about race relations in this country.. anything? Please share your opinions.

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Published on January 18, 2007 at 12:28 am. 29 Comments.
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