Tomorrow, Decmeber 1st, is World AIDS Day.  What can we do in a day? Well, World Aids Day may not be able to cure all of the people affected by AIDS/ HIV, but it does strike a reminder in the minds of millions and in our often complacent society this is quite necessary. This World Aids Day will commemorate the 25th anniversary since the first published reports of AIDS.

Why is it relevant to us? (I’m hoping you know the answer to this one). According to the Kaiser Family Foundation,

 African Americans account for a growing share of AIDS diagnoses over time, rising from 25% of cases diagnosed in 1985 to 49% in 2004. 

Check out the whole report. 

The stats are endless that show African Americans to be in a poor state of health especially regarding the AIDS epidemic. A post is not necessary to show this information, my purpose is to encourage continuous efforts to promote community awareness both nationally and internationally and make sure that this is not allowed to be just another “day of awareness” that leads to no real action.

 Speaking of lack of action, I think it is also relevant to analyze our commander in chief’s take on World AIDS day (even if just for kicks).

 The one thing we can do is to not forget. AIDS has one day where the world is reminded of its presence but that does not mean we have to stop the fight. As I suggested during Breast Cancer Awareness month make whatever little move of support be it wearing a color or pin, or starting a topic on a listserv. Just do something, blackademics. Because our small movements are bound to cause a ripple effect, be it in the arenas of health disparities regarding AIDS and Cancer awareness or in civil rights (as we have seen in the past posts to be more necessary than previously thought).

 Knowledge is power. Check out for more information on the state of AIDS within the African diaspora.

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