“Kramer Hates Black People,” Next Seinfeld.

Two days ago during a comedy performance at The Laugh Factory in Cali, former Seinfeld star, Michael “Kramer” Richards, let the controversial “N-Word” word fly from his mouth with reckless abandon, calling two black hecklers, “Niggers… cheap motherf*&%s.” He was even so kind as to remind us of a time, “50 years ago” when he’d have us sodomized with a fork, upside down. Please, see for yourself:

As Richards points out, we should not be upset, “that’s (just) what happens when you interrupt the white man.” Thanks for keeping us in our place, Kramer. (Read more about the controversy here.)

Update/follow-up questions:
Should we be outraged? How does this compare with the previous post, “Please Stop Saying Nigger,” is there a difference between saying the word Nigger in an academic, as opposed to a comedic context? Furthermore, why can Paul Rodriguez (a Mexican American comic, who was in the audience during Richards’ show) use the term freely, as he did in the interviews following the performance? Should there not be equal outrage for any non-Black (or Black!) who uses the term?

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Published on November 21, 2006 at 11:03 am. 14 Comments.
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