I’m Building Me a Home…

I’m sure all of my “School Daze” fans out there know what I’m talking about. But seriously, here is an article on a 2005 Census survey compiling statistics on racial trends regarding home ownership, education, income and poverty. While African-Americans are making progress in each of these categories, it appears that the disparities between our people and brothers and sisters of other races is steadily growing.

The statistics are more of the same old song that we’ve come to know and hate; more blacks are getting high school diplomas but fewer are earning college degrees. 25 percent of blacks live in poverty, about 48 percent own homes and we have an average median income of about $31,000 per year.

The interesting aspect of this article is that it directly correlates all of the stastics mentioned in the story around the principle of home ownership. That is, those who own homes have easier access to educational loans for college, and are able to perpetuate generational wealth by passing down the property or using income generated from the sale of property to create a lasting a cycle of success. And while there are many other factors that are involved with this theory, I would say that owning some land never hurt anyone unless they couldn’t afford it.

Consider these statistics with the information from my esteemed colleague Pierce’s last post, and we have an interesting topic on our hands. There are indeed factors both inside and outside of our culture that have set our people back considerably in education and the accumulation and pooling of resources. However, the biggest enigma facing our generation is how are we managing to do less with more, when the history of our race is predominantly doing more with less?

Indeed, forces are still at work against our efforts to improve our quality of life and the total cohesion of our people. But at what point do we take up the mantle for our own misgivings, our own failures and our own fears and carry on? Where does the blaming for our past end and the claiming of our future begin?


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Published on November 20, 2006 at 9:40 am. 13 Comments.
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