The New Majority/Get it Together, or Go Back to Africa

My original post was simply called, “The New Majority,” but after last night’s Roundtable, I felt the need to add some insights from the group discussion, so I combined the original post, with another post I was writing called “Get it Together, or go Back to Africa.” Sorry for the long title.

The New Majority
Statistical trends have led admissions analysts to forecast that Asians will soon overtake whites as a majority on college campuses. According to UCSD’s Guardian newspaper, this prediction is already coming to fruition in California. Meanwhile, rates of Black students (particularly Black males) on college campuses in California, and nationally, continue to decrease. One explanation for the simultaneous increase in enrollment of Asian students and decrease in enrollment of Black students in California can be routed back to Proposition 209-the controversial 1996 legislation which abolished all considerations of race in public college admissions, effectively killing affirmative action in the state. According to Steve Goodman, an educational consultant for Top Colleges, a Washington, D.C. admissions counseling firm, Proposition 209 “emphasizes concrete achievements,” a trait especially strong among Asians, giving them an advantage over other racial groups. “Asians are the single largest beneficiary race of [Proposition 209],” he said. And African Americans suffer the most, from it.

Get it Together, or go Back to Africa
At a recent Roundtable, we discussed “pulling one’s self up from the bootstraps,” which (it could be argued) is what the Asian-American community seems to be doing on a mass-scale, through their rapidly increasing college admissions rates. So… what’s taking Black people so long? Clearly, we cannot wait for affirmative action to come to our rescue. Stop complaining about how corrupt the system is, grab a book and get it together-or go back to Africa. I’m literally paraphrasing some of the ridiculousness that was said at the discussion. How would you have responded?

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