Queens Reigns Supreme…In Black Median Income

Just some food for thought in a recent NY Times article on the average median income of blacks in Queens, NY surpassing that of white residents. What’s particularly interesting in this story, is that the writer attributes a major part of the blacks rise in median income to the business successes of immigrants from the West Indies.

Many of the Queens residents interviewed for this article attributed their success to two aspects, education and a willingness to be self-sufficient. In my perspective, the tone of the article suggests that the drive to be successful in educational and business pursuits is something that is lacking in American-born blacks.

While we should really view this example of blacks in Queens changing stereotypes as a step in the right direction, is it a completely accurate statement to say that blacks from other countries are more driven to maximize educational and business opportunities? And if this is accurate, where did we go wrong and how can we solve it?  

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Published on October 1, 2006 at 1:46 pm. 10 Comments.
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