Everybody want a piece of my chicken

You like the wings? (yep) You like the thighs? (yep) You like the white meat? (yep) You like the legs? (yep)

This is the refrain from MMG South recording artist, Ms. Peachez’ song, Fry That Chicken-a four minute tribute to hot sauce, grease, and finga’ lick’n chicken. We have sunk to a new low. You can watch the video here. While this video is ridiculous and offensive, it does not surprise me. Between Soul Plane and Ying Yang Twins, it’s obvious that twenty-first century American popular culture still has a vested interest in minstrelsy. This is just its newest ugly manifestation. But it’s important to evaluate these things.

I can’t lie, when I first saw it, I laughed. However-specifically in light of Deen’s recent post Why We Die Young-I was compelled to look at the video critically. Dozens of young people, sitting around a table, gorging themselves on fried chicken… I couldn’t help but see this video as a sadistic glorification of obesity, a leading cause of death in the black community. And the sad thing is, this video looks like my thirteenth Birthday party! I have only recently have made the connections between food, health care and the fact that grandparents on both sides of my family have suffered from diabetes and/or heart conditions. Let’s flip this obnoxious video into some conciousness.

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