Should you be a Republican?

Jarrett’s post has brought a lot of debate about the Republican party and the current administration policies. I thought I would make another post to continue this interesting discourse on the subject.

I would like to comment upon the questions raised in Jarrett’s post about why one should vote republican and where is the proof that the republican party is working for black people?

To answer the question why vote Republican?

When voting it really shouldn’t be about party line politics, instead you need to research the issues the candidate supports and then decide which candidate closely resembles your viewpoint. That is what an educated voter would do…

To answer the question where is the proof that the republican party is working for black people?

First, I would like to state that neither party works for a certain ethnicity instead they work for their constituents.

Secondly, According to the National Black Republican Association there are a myriad of reasons for black people to join the republican party. They also have a Did You Know section that has many articles on an array of subjects that are important to the Black community. One article entitled “Republicans Walk the Walk for Black Americans” discusses what Bush has done for minorities. According to this article, the Bush administration has increased spending in Education, Job Training , Community Service (which has also increased AmeriCorps funding a Clinton project), Health care, and Home ownership. I realized that this article as well as the website may have a ‘slant’ towards some of the statistics so I picked one area the No Child Left Behind act and decided to double check the articles facts.

Side Bar: I do not have a background in the education field and I would love to hear input from Pierce and Sherrell on what other indicators could have contributed to these statistics.
According to the article NCLB has helped bridge the achievements gaps between white and black elementary students. The article states the ‘Nation’s Report Card’ found that “black American students have made the greatest gains in the report’s 30-year history, narrowing the achievement gap between white and black American 9-year old students.”

The National Assessment of Educational Progress produces the Nation’s Report Card, I went to the website and I did find where he obtained his data and I was also able to review 2005 graphs portraying that the gap between 4th grade black students and white students in math decreased from 44 to 31 points, the smallest the gap has ever been. However, the 2005 reading assessment found that there has been a decrease in the gap yet it wasn’t a significant difference from before 1996. Although there is proof that black students are improving academically (at least at the elementary level), I was unable to conclude that this was because of the NCLB or instead from other factors.

The articles from the NBRA are interesting, there is even one on “Katrina, lies and videotape”, and I encouraged people to read them to better understand the ‘other’ perspective. However, when dealing with politics there is a slant in just about everything you read so always make sure to get both sides of the story especially before voting.

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