Up Close and Personal Tour… 18+??

On Friday, I and another 21+ friend of mine excitedly went to see…yes I admit… Chris Brown and Ne-Yo in concert. Well, before either Chris Breezy or Ne-Yo made their way to the stage the crowd was entertained by Cherish (the “Do It To It” girls), Juelz Santana, Dem Franchise Boys, and Lil Wayne.

Now, I was having a blast Ridin Rims, Leaning Wit It and yes I further admit I was telling them B*****s not to call no more with Dem Franchise Boys until I realized there was a 9 yr old girl behind me doing the same, right along with the other 10,000 plus young women (and a few young men) in the audience that were still in their very formative years.

 I clearly was not offended by the music because I am not a “bitch” in the derogatory sense nor will I ever have the desire to call any of Dem Franchise Boys. However, my problem is the fact that artisits, such as Dem Franchise Boys (whose albums are labeled explicit to hinder the age group that was the primary makeup of the audience from hearing their lyrics) are marketed right along with squeeky clean Chris Brown who is loved by 8 and 86 yr olds.

 At the end of the night I was in support of placing an 18+ age limit on the concert for the sole reason that 13 year olds should not be in a concert with four letter words and where sexually explicit and female degrading lyrics are the norm. Only people who are adult enough to filter such lyrics should be present.

If an 18+ age is not feasible then tour managers or whoever plans the tour lineup should know better than marketing a tour as child friendly when 50% of the actual performance is by artists that are specifically marketed to an older population.

 Comments, thoughts??

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Published on August 31, 2006 at 10:26 pm. 4 Comments.
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