$15 for a pair of sneakers.. naw son.

So Stephon Marbury’s new sneakers, the “Starbury Ones” hit the streets two weeks ago and sales appear to be ridiculous. There are stories everywhere, New York to California, of people camping out to be first in line on opening day, folks wrapped around the block, Steve and Berry (the Starbury Ones’ exclusive distributors) are running out of sneakers to sell. It’s a beautiful thing.

What’s the significance? Fiscal responsibility. So many African Americans who are deprived of social and economic liberties, who might feel the need to ‘shine’ by buying expensive and flashy things, can follow the Stephon’s doctrine; “We created Starbury so you can stay fly and still stay on budget. It’s about maximum shine for minimum expense…You feel me?” He’s doing it for the kids who can’t afford the $200 Jordans or the new Lebron’s. (the great irony is that people don’t even play ball in Jordans.. they’re too expensive to risk getting scuffed up!). The key now is to support and capitalize on the hype surrounding these sneakers and promote this level of cooperative economics in other black businesses. The other phenomenon here is level of attention the media has given the “Starbury Ones.” I love seeing brothers and sisters in the limelight as successful entrepreneurs-more than just athletes and entertainers. Hopefully there are some children somewhere saying “I want to own a business like Stephon,” not just “I wanna play ball like Stephon.” I know what I’m getting my nephews for Christmas..

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Published on August 28, 2006 at 3:34 pm. 4 Comments.
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