NFL Gets B+ On Black Coaches

The NFL recently received a “B+” on minority hiring from an independent study conducted by the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Ethics and Diversity in Sport.

According to the Associated Press’ story, America’s most popular sport has made significant strides in hiring minorities in head coaching and managerial positions over the last 16 years. The 2006 season will begin with seven African-American head coaches and five African-American general managers.

While the point has been proven about the abilities and paid dues of black coaches, there is one question that remains largely overlooked and unasked: Are black coaches able to better manage and communicate with players who look like them?

Beyond the X’s and O’s, do players respond better to the authority and motivational techniques of coaches with similar experiences and backgrounds? On the outside, it appears the answer would be yes. It could be argued that the task of managing numerous egos on a team is best accomplished with the absence of cultural differences.

But the team chemistry concept is just one part of fielding a winning organization, so aside from the equal opportunity issue, what are the advantages or disadvantages to having a black head coach?

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