Black students.. get on this ASAP

I just stumbled across a gem. The following companies/institutions are looking for black grad and undergrad students for internships: Adobe, US India Political Action Committee, Womens Sports Foundation, ABC News Broadcast Journalism, Software Development Engineer, Foundation for Contemporary Art Event Organizer in Ghana… and that’s only the TIP of the iceberg!

Click here for more access and information about these amazing opportunities for internships.

I think many Black students miss out on opportunities like these because of a lack of information. No teachers, guidance councilors or mentors at my high school ever told me about taking ‘AP’ classes or taught me how to apply for a scholarship or internship. It’s up to us to let our people know. So please forward this to your friends, associates, students, classmates, blogs, etc… we got to put our people on.

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Published on July 29, 2006 at 3:21 pm. Post A Comment.
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