BET on Sunday.. Not so bad

I’m not a huge BET fan. Between the Sub-par programming on shows like College Hill and 106 and park, a lazy/played out rotation of the same videos, and BET UnCut, (the 2am strip-club video marathon, of which Aaron McGruder makes a satire in his show, The Boondocks, with the music video “Booty Butt-Cheeks”) BET just doesen’t provide anything of substance for me. But this morning, i saw something i haven’t seen on Bet since the glory days of BET news with Tavis and the beautiful and intelligent, Jaque Reid.

Meet the Faith

Two new shows: Meet the Faith, and The Chop Up tackled issues ranging from sexuality, politics, and religion to relationships, capitalism and racism. These shows engaged a diverse panel of black people from various faiths, nationalities, generations, sexualities, and opinions and sparked a debate much like the one we’re trying to cultivate here on Blackademics.

So i guess they have Sunday down… let’s lobby for the rest of the week.

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Published on July 9, 2006 at 1:21 pm. 2 Comments.
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